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Some Fun Stuff using Dave Black and Daves Digs


Today I'm going to show you some images using the FourSquare technique of Dave Black and the stop action water technique of Daves Digs.   To do this, my friend Mark and I pooled our Canon 600 EX RT flashes along with our FourSquare light boxes.  We added a black backdrop and some water balloons and voila!


 photo ZIVN4181.jpg



 photo Kennedy-1.jpg




 photo ZIVN4169.jpg



This technique can be used for other sports as well.



 photo ZIVN4533-Edit.jpg





 photo ZIVN4534-Edit.jpg



 photo ZIVN4537-Edit.jpg




As you can tell,  one problem is getting the athlete to keep their eyes open during the shot.  Once they get the splash off the first attempt, the urge to flinch is quite strong.  Obviously, timing is a huge factor.  If you as the photographer are too early, you will get a shot of the water balloon.  







 photo ZIVN4149.jpg


Give it a try for baseball!  Have fun!  FWIW, My settings for most of my soccer pics were 1/2000 seconds, f/5.0, and ISO 400 using my 135mm f/2.0 canon lens and a 1D X.  Mark and I had two FourSquare boxes, one camera right and the other camera left, with one flash behind the athlete from each side as sort of a rim light. 


Here are some links:


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